Transferring Students to a New Teacher

Guide for transferring students to a new teacher

Sean M
Written by Sean MLast update 2 years ago

Students can be associated with a new teacher, but the students themselves will do some of this transfer process.

To facilitate this, we recommend that the current teacher reset all of the transferring students' passwords. The current teacher will then be emailed a copy of their usernames and passwords. The teacher can provide this to their new teacher so the students will be able to quickly log in on day one and connect to their new teacher. 

The next/first time the students log in, they will need to navigate to the "My Teachers" page and enter the new teacher's email address and click "Invite."

As your students invite their new teacher, they will appear on the new teacher's dashboard and can be sorted into their appropriate classes. Alternatively, students can enter the new teacher's class code to be immediately connected to their new teacher and sorted into the appropriate class. The new teacher will then have access to all of their previous and current data. 

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