Setting a Level

Choose to set a range of levels for their students.

Josh Capon
Written by Josh CaponLast update 2 years ago

On ReadTheory, reading levels do not need to be assigned manually. All students logging in for the first time will take our placement pretest, which starts on a third-grade level by default. If that material is too difficult, the pretest will immediately adjust to show first and second-grade material instead. Similarly, if it's too easy, the pretest will progressively move up to grades four, five, and beyond.

All students will be moving within a range of levels at all times so that they will be continually challenged. This provides for maximum differentiation and individualized learning. Our site is fully interactive and responsive, so students will only ever see content based on their previous performance.

While teachers using the free version of our site are unable to set any reading level parameters, premium users have the ability to set a grade level range or level cap for their students.

Teachers would navigate to their "My Classes" page and select the 3 dots next to the class they wish to change and select "Edit". Here you can choose a minimum and maximum level for the passages that will be assigned to the students in that class. 

Please note that you can not select a single level for your students. The narrowest level selection would be a minimum of at least 3 grade levels. This way a student can still have the ability to go up and down in levels with our adaptive design. It also ensures there will be plenty of passages available for your students to work through.

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