Reset Student Progress

I would like to reset my students’ progress entirely. How can I do this?

Josh Capon
Written by Josh CaponLast update 2 years ago

The reset feature can be accessed in the following two ways.


Whole-Class Reset: Log into your teacher account and navigate to the "Progress Report" page for the class you would like to reset. Choose "Reset Class Progress" on the top-right-hand side of the screen. Using this button will reset progress for all students on the roster you are currently viewing. You will be prompted to confirm this choice before proceeding.


Individual Student Reset: Log into your teacher account and navigate to your Progress Reports page. At first, you'll be brought to your whole-class progress report. Near the top, you'll find a drop-down menu where you can select an individual student report instead. Use this menu to choose the student whose data you wish to reset. Once that student's data is shown, there is a blue "Reset Student Progress" button near the top-right of the report.

When you click this button, the site will prompt you to confirm your choice. Once you've done so, the student's progress will be erased and he or she can begin again from the pretest. Other students' accounts will remain unaffected.

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