Export or Print Progress Reports

How to print or export reports. Sharing progress with parents or gaurdians.

Josh Capon
Written by Josh CaponLast update 1 year ago

As a teacher, you can choose to export or print your students' progress reports. You can use this for your own record keeping and analysis, or you may want to send a report to the student's caretaker or tutor.

To print or export progress reports, navigate to the progress report page for the class or the student you wish to view. On the top right of the page, you will see the title "Export Report". You will then be given the option to "Print" or "Download XLS/CSV".

Choosing the "Print" option will produce the progress report page in a PDF format just as it appears when you view it on the site, along with graphs and badges.

The "Download XLS/CSV" option will produce an Excel or Numbers document strictly containing the corresponding current statistics for the student(s) including quizzes completed, quizzes passed, knowledge points, initial grade level, current grade level, initial lexile level, and average lexile level.

Additionally, if you wish to share ongoing progress with a student's parent or guardian, you can give them the student's login information so that they can check the student's progress report from home any time they would like.

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