Deleting Old Student Accounts & Classes

The school year is over/a student is no longer enrolled in my class, how do I remove the student and/or the class?

Josh Capon
Written by Josh CaponLast update 1 year ago

To remove a student from your class, please navigate to your "My Classes" page and select the class list you wish to view. Click the 3 dots next to the name of the student you would like to remove and select "Remove from This Class".

The student will then reappear at the top of your "My Classes" page showing as a student waiting to be assigned to a class. Click "Review Requests" and you will be able to either accept and reassign them to another class or reject the request. Rejecting them will sever your connection with this student and they will no longer appear on your account.

You can also remove multiple students at once by selecting the check boxes next to the name of each student you would like to remove and then clicking the "Remove from Class" option that will appear at the top of your student list.

Please note that removing a student from your class will not fully delete their account, it will only remove your connection from the student. If you would like to have an account fully purged from our system, please let us know and our support staff can assist you with this.

Once your students have been removed from your account, you can leave the class as is if you would like to reuse it or you can select the 3 dots next to the class name on your "My Classes" page to either rename the class or delete the class.

Please contact support@readtheory,org for any additional questions.

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