Creating New Student Accounts

How do I create student accounts?

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Navigate to the "My Classes" page in your teacher account. This will be the homepage when you log in to the program. Create your classes by selecting "Add New Class" 

Fill in your class details. You will need to choose the name of your class (ex: "4th Period", "Rockstars", or "Year 8"). You can then select the grade level of your class. Please note, this is only for internal use, the grade selected will not influence the passage levels the students will be assigned. If your students are below the age of 13, please check the associated box. This is necessary to meet FERPA compliance for student privacy. You then have the option to allow your students to see the grade level of their passages and all of their scores on their progress reports. This is strictly a personal choice. You know your students and whether this is appropriate or not. Premium users will then have the option to disable ads for their class. Once you have filled all of this information in, click "Create Class"

You will now be taken to the page that allows you to add students to your class. Click "Add New Student Accounts". You will use this process when creating new student accounts for students using the program for the first time.

You will now see the setup screen which will allow you to quickly set usernames and passwords for your students. Email addresses are NOT required for student accounts.

To create more than one account at a time, simply keep clicking "Add New Student" for each new student. Upon clicking "Save and Continue" those students will then appear on your "My Students" page. 

When on the "Add New Students" page you are also given the option of adding students via CSV Import. This is useful when you are trying to create many students accounts at one time. Click on the "Import from CSV" option and you will be given the opportunity to download an example CSV. Use this example to format your own student list. This list will need to include the students' first names, last names, email addresses (optional), usernames, and passwords. Once you have created this file choose the "Import from CSV" button, then "Upload CSV".

**Username, Email Address, and Password credentials:

1. Passwords must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least 1 number. Passwords are case-sensitive.

2. Usernames can be anything you would like but they must be unique. If a username is already in use by another account, you will not be able to make it your student's username.

3. Email addresses are not required for students to use our site. Students can have accounts with only a username and no email address. If you choose to assign an email address to your student please keep the following in mind. An email address can only be assigned to one account. So as a teacher, you cannot add your email address to all of the student accounts you create. If you would like students to use "Google Log In", then an email address would be required and the email address would need to match the student's username. For example, when making an account for ourselves our email address would be "". We then would also want to make our username "".

You can also check out this helpful video:

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