Assigning Work to Students

Where are the worksheets? How do I assign the quizzes to my students?

Josh Capon
Written by Josh CaponLast update 2 years ago

Please check out this short video to help explain what ReadTheory is and how to use it.

When a student logs in for the first time they will be automatically presented with their pre-test, no further action needs to be taken by you to assign this. Once students have finished their pre-test PLUS one additional quiz, their scores will start appearing under their progress report pages.

Our adaptive system will continue to automatically issue students their next quiz based on their performance. This does not need to be assigned by you.

Additionally, we offer the ability to set a quiz goal for students every week using our "Activities" feature. This allows the teacher to task the students with completing a certain number of quizzes over a specific period of time. Teachers can assign this activity by navigating to their "Activities" page and selecting "Create New Activity". 

Students will continue to be assigned their unique quizzes based on our adaptive design and teachers can easily monitor their progress from either their "Activities" page or from the student's progress reports page. 

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