Student Being Prompted to Take Pre-Test Again

My student attempted the pre-test, but now s/he's being told to start over. Why is this happening?

Josh Capon
Written by Josh CaponLast update 2 years ago

If you are certain that the students did complete the pre-test in its entirety, we ask that you double-check to ensure that they are using precisely the same usernames that appear on your roster. Sometimes students open multiple accounts so that they appear to be working in class, but their progress is not visible to the teacher. This is a very common issue, and sometimes the alternates can be as subtle as an extra space (username Jane S instead of JaneS) or a changed number (JaneS63 instead of JaneS64).


Finally, we always have sample questions on the homepage so that curious new users can see what the site is like before they sign up. Sometimes users who already have accounts get confused and think that they can complete the pretest through these previews, without logging in. We, unfortunately, can't recover data from these preview questions. We can only save data from accounts that are logged in.

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