Grade Level Increased - Lexile Level Stayed the Same

After my student passed a quiz, his/her grade level increased, but his/her Lexile measure decreased. How is that possible?

Josh Capon
Written by Josh CaponLast update 2 years ago

There is no direct correspondence between a specific Lexile® measure and a specific grade level. Within any classroom or grade, there will be a range of readers and a range of reading materials. For example, in a fifth-grade classroom, there will be some readers who are ahead of the typical reader (about 250L above) and some readers who are behind the typical reader (about 250L below). To say that some books are "just right" for fifth graders assumes that all fifth graders are reading at the same level. The Lexile® Framework for Reading is intended to match readers with texts at whatever level the reader is reading. MetaMetrics® has studied the ranges of Lexile® reader measures and Lexile® text measures at specific grades in an effort to describe the typical Lexile® measures of texts and the typical Lexile® measures of students of a given grade level. This information is for descriptive purposes only and should not be interpreted as a prescribed guide about what an appropriate reader measure or text measure should be for a given grade. 


Note:  These bands do not represent performance levels or performance standards. They provide descriptive information and are appropriate for norm-referenced interpretations only.

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