Error Creating Student Accounts

I'm trying to create student accounts but am getting an error message.

Josh Capon
Written by Josh CaponLast update 2 years ago

When creating student accounts, you may receive an error. An error can appear when one additional piece of information is missing. For example, if you have not entered a first name, the error will read "First name: Field is required."

Additionally, you can receive an error if the username or email address you are adding for the student is already in use. Please note, when you create new student accounts, you are creating an account from scratch, you would not use this method to add a student with an existing account. If your student is brand new to the program and you are getting this message, it may be that you are attempting to give them a username that already belongs to another user. If you encounter this, try making the username more unique. For example, if you were creating an account for student John Johnson, instead of username "JohnJohnson" you may want to try "JohnJohnson2028".

We recommend that you try once more by making the appropriate changes, then clicking "Save and Continue". If you create just a few accounts at a time (5-10) then even if some error occurs, you shouldn't lose too much progress. You will receive an email each time you click "Save and Continue."

If the error persists, contact us at If you include a spreadsheet with your students' names and emails, we can likely create the accounts quickly for you.

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