Knowledge Points & Progress Badges

What is the purpose of knowledge points?

Josh Capon
Written by Josh CaponLast update 2 years ago

Each student receives knowledge points (KP) for learning and making progress in our program. Knowledge points are used throughout our program and have three primary purposes:


  1. To motivate students to read, write, and learn more

  2. To communicate a general indication of progress

  3. To encourage the best effort and to discourage careless click-through

They can be used however you wish in your class, but there isn't any additional feature they can access (other than progress badges) by earning knowledge points on our site. The progress badges exist for similar reasons (motivation and progress). You can find a progress chart for use in your classroom here.

Our Progress Level breakdown is as follows:


Luminary (Starting Level)

Orienteer - 45KP

Tactician - 100KP

Analyst - 160KP

Innovator - 230KP

Naturalist - 310KP

Explorer - 400KP

Optimist - 500KP

Wayfarer - 625KP

Ascendant - 800KP

Chronology - 1000KP

Decoder - 1250KP

Academic - 1700KP

Equilibrium - 2250KP

Forerunner - 3000KP

Prodigy - 4000KP

Virtuoso - 5500KP

Starling - 7500KP

Rocketeer - 10,000KP

Theorist - 15,000KP

Knowledge points do not have any redeemable value in the real world; they cannot be traded in for any physical reward like a medal. They can, however, be used to facilitate in-class competitions in which teachers may reward students with real-world items at their own discretion.

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