Can I import from Google Classroom, Clever, or Any Other 3rd Party Site?

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Sean M
Written by Sean MLast update 2 years ago

We do not yet fully sync with Google Classroom, Clever, or any other 3rd party site, but your students can use Google to create and login to their accounts. The easiest way for you to proceed will actually be to have your students create new accounts using the "Sign Up With Google" option on our sign-up page. This takes roughly 15 seconds. If they already have accounts, they should just be able to use the "Log In With Google" option.

Once they create their accounts, they can quickly connect to your teacher account.

Students can always (connect with teachers by sending invitations or entering a classcode that the teacher provides them. Have your student navigate to their "My Teachers" page located in the drop-down menu on the top-right hand side of their page. Here they can enter either the teacher's email address or the classcode.

If students invite you to be their teacher via entering your email address, they will appear on your teacher dashboard and you can sort them into their appropriate classes. You will then have access to all of their data.

If students enter your classcode, they will be immediately enrolled in the appropriate class and no further action needs to be taken by the teacher. You will then have access to all of their data.

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